As of January 1, 2014, the University of California Santa Cruz is a Smoke and Tobacco Free Environment

Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and unregulated nicotine products are strictly prohibited. The change has been made to ensure the health and well-being of everyone on campus.  

Questions and Answers

How will compliance with this policy be achieved?
Compliance with this policy is grounded in informing and educating members of the university community and visitors about the policy and encouraging those who use tobacco products to seek treatment for tobacco dependence. In order to maintain a smoke and tobacco free environment, notifying others about the policy will be an ongoing effort to enhance awareness of and foster compliance with this Policy. Violations of this policy may be subject to corrective action under the Student Code of Conduct, Human Resources and Academic Personnel Policies and Procedures, other applicable university regulations or policies, vendor contracts and citations and fines per  California Government Code 7597.1

Are smokers/tobacco users being singled out?
No. The rules on smoking and tobacco use are for the health and well being of everyone across the University of California, particularly non-smokers who do not wish to be subjected to the health hazard presented by tobacco use.

What if I don't want to quit smoking/using tobacco?
These rules do not prevent you from smoking in general, they only apply to smoking and tobacco use by individuals while on University of California property.

What are some resources for quitting? 
Help Quitting has resources for quitting.  

Why are e-cigarettes included in the proposed policy?
The FDA does not consider e-cigarettes to be a safe nicotine delivery system or smoking cessation strategy and their use is prohibited on university property.

Can I smoke in my car?
No, the prohibition on smoking and tobacco use includes the campus' parking lots, roadways and structures.

Are all the UCs going smoke free, or just UC Santa Cruz?
While specific policies are being tailored to each UC campus, the entire UC system will be a smoke and tobacco free environment no later than January 1, 2014.

What authority does the university have to enforce the proposed policy?
Under the authority of California Government Code 7597.1, the governing body of the University of California has the authority to set enforcement standards for the campus, including the imposition of fines.

Why not establish designated smoking areas?
While UCSC has previously had designated smoking areas, the tobacco smoke does not just stay in a designated area. In order to protect individuals who do not wish to be subjected to second-hand smoke and the potential health risks associated with it, campus-wide policies will be put in place at every campus.

Isn't this about personal choice? Is the university infringing on my rights?
There is no moral judgement here. The university is not asking you to stop smoking/using tobacco in total, only that you abide by these policies while on university property and not subject others to the potentially harmful substances found in tobacco products, including second-hand smoke.

Isn't this the same as banning alcohol, fattening foods or sugary drinks? They are bad for you as well.
There are many things in life that are unhealthy, but second-hand tobacco smoke has been shown to cause harm to individuals who are not users.

My question isn't addressed here. Where else can I look?
Review the Quick Facts to see if your question is addressed. If it isn't, please email

I would like to comment on the proposed policy. Who can I contact?
Questions and comments can be directed to